Yulia Poliakova, a graphic designer by education. She took up painting in 2009, cooperated with the car showroom Bentley Ukraine, the ART gallery B&S. She took the first place in the Week of Ukrainian art in the same year, presented her first solo exhibition, which was called «The Identification of Eve». She has been working as a graphic designer for the next 6 years and after a creative break she decided to try herself in a new style and has combined the painting and the graphic design. At the moment she is working in the style of art-Nude, She is creating combined works, mostly focused on the erotica genre combining photos, painting and collage.
“Kiev Contemperary Art”, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kiev, 2015
Project “Toy Story”, Mystetska Zbirka art gallery,Kiev, 2015
Project “Zero without a stick”, Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, 2015
Project "Heritage", the Institute of contemporary art, Kiev, 2016
Project “AkT“ Platform art-factory, Kiev, 2016
Kyiv art week, the Institute of contemporary art, Kiev, 2017
Summer exhibition, contemperary at center M17, Kiev, 2017
Exibition in President's Ofice, Kyiv 2019
Exibition "5-th elemenr", Spivakovska Art:Ego? 2019
Personal exhibitions
"Spring in Paradise",art space SKLO, 2016
“Life in pink” , Spivakovska Art Center, 2016
“Alice in Wonderland”, Museum History of Kiev, 2017
"Flights in dreams and reality", Zavalnyi Art Center, 2017
"Religion is Opium", Museum History of Kiev, 2018
Publications in «Forbes», «Mainstream», «Inshe», international catalogue «We Contemporary 2016», «Cash is King» (saatchi & saatchi)